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Board of Directors

Results of the December 8, 2021 Board Elections

Paul Draus, Ph.D. – elected
Erma Leaphart – elected
Samra’a W. Luqman – elected
Dave Norwood – elected
Brandy Siedlaczak – elected

2022-2024 member bios HERE.

Current Officers

Laura Wagner, Ford Motor Company.

Vice President
Alice Bailey, Environmental Consulting & Technology, Inc.


Carol Snodgrass, CPA

Current Directors

Jessica Eiland Anders, The Skillman Foundation
Alicia Bradford, Wayne County Parks
Paul Draus, Ph.D., University of Michigan-Dearborn
Erma Leaphart, Sierra Club
Samra’a W. Luqman
Madelin Maher, Bank of America
Mike McNulty, ITC Holdings
Dave Norwood, City of Dearborn
Brandy Siedlaczek, City of Southfield
Myra M. Tetteh, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan Foundation
Susan Thompson, Wayne County Department of Public Service



Advocacy Committee

Chaired by an internally appointed individual FOTR board member, this committee provides oversight and direction for the advocacy priorities of Friend of the Rouge. Typical task areas include setting decision making criteria, researching and recommending/drafting advocacy responses. This committee meets as needed.

Board Development Committee

Chaired by the Member-at-large, this committee meets periodically and actively engages in board member candidate identification and recruitment efforts.

Executive Committee

Chaired by the President, this committee consists of the Board Officers. They meet as necessary for the review, research, and preparation of complex or sensitive issues to be brought before the board.

Finance Committee

Chaired by the Treasurer, the finance committee provides financial oversight for the organization. Typical task areas include budgeting and financial planning, financial reporting, and the creation and monitoring of internal controls and accountability policies. This committee meets at least quarterly.

Fund Development

Chaired by the Vice-President, this committee investigates and implements fundraising strategies to support the goals of the organization.  This committee oversees fundraising events and takes a takes a leadership role in advancing the organization’s fundraising strategies. This committee meets bi-monthly.

  • Fundraiser(s) Sub-committee
    • This event-specific subcommittee meets periodically and/or in conjunction with fund development meetings to plan and coordinate annual fundraising event(s). This committee meets as needed.

Lower Rouge River Water Trail Leadership Committee

Chaired by Water Trail Program Manager, the committee serves to oversee the execution of the Rouge River Water Trail Strategic Plan and Safety Plan.  This committee meets at least bi-monthly.

Membership Committee

Chaired by the Secretary, this committee develops programs for attracting new members and maintaining current membership.  This committee meets at least quarterly.

Public Involvement (PI) Advisory Committee

Chaired by PI Program Managers, the committee advises PI staff in promoting restoration and stewardship of the Rouge River ecosystem through education and citizen involvement.  This task force meets monthly.

Rouge Education Project (REP) Committee

Chaired by the REP Program Manager, this committee advises REP staff in promoting awareness and stewardship of the Rouge River watershed through school-based water quality monitoring, investigation, and problem-solving.   This committee meets six times a year.