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Volunteer Monitoring

American Toad

The American toad is abundant all over the state and is the most commonly heard frog or toad species in the Rouge River Watershed. The...
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Northern Leopard Frog

Once abundant throughout the state, northern leopard frog populations have been declining since the 1970s. The year 2001 may be the beginning of a reversal...
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Northern Spring Peeper

The spring peeper is Michigan’s smallest frog (0.75 – 1.38 in. long) but is also the loudest. Peepers are found in brushy and woodland ponds...
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Midland Chorus Frog

Sounds of the Midland Chorus Frog (on YouTube) Midland chorus frogs (formerly western chorus frog) are tiny frogs (0.75 – 1.5 in. long) found in...
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Wood Frog

Wood frogs are found in deciduous, mature forests and use temporary, shallow ponds for breeding activities. These frogs are medium sized (adults grow up to...
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Fish Survey Events

Volunteer for one of our fish surveys  NOTE:  All fish surveys with new volunteers have been cancelled during the pandemic to reduce the risk of...
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