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River Restoration

How we care for the land impacts water quality in our local lakes and rivers. The River Restoration program teaches residents of the watershed how to manage their land to improve water quality and to provide wildlife habitat through hands-on projects and educational events.

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Woody Debris

Is woody debris a problem? Many people believe large woody debris is a big problem for the river. Most believe logjams are the cause of...
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Landscaping with Native Plants Adopt Green Landscaping for Clean Streams practices Greenacres: Landscaping with Native Plants, EPA Step-by-Step Guide to Planning & Planting Rain Gardens...
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Rain Gardens to the Rescue

Community Rain Gardens Will Be Awarded to 6 Groups in 2024! Partner: Sierra Club Michigan ChapterFunder: National Fish and Wildlife Federation 2024 PROGRAM *COMMUNITY RAIN...
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Rouge Rescue

Connecting people across southeast Michigan to improve the Rouge River—for enjoyment today and for generations to come.

Interactive Map: Rouge-Friendly Landscape—Distant from the River

Interactive Map: Rouge-Friendly Landscapes—By the River

River Restoration is funded, in part, by:

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