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RainSmart: 1,000 Rain Gardens for the Rouge -test

Restoring your river, one yard at a time.

Flooded basements, flooded streets, and dirty creeks share a common cause, and that’s too much dirty water runoff during big storms. Time do your part—time to get RainSmart!

Rain Barrels
for the Rouge!

Rain Gardens
for the Rouge!

With over 1.35 million people living in the lands that drain to the Rouge, 6,000 rain barrels and 1,000 rain gardens are big but doable short-term goals for Rouge River restoration. Get started by taking the RainSmart Challenge!

Here is our progress so far!

6,000 Rain Barrels
1,000 Rain Gardens

Are you RainSmart?

Take the RainSmart challenge and win prizes!

Take the RainSmart Challenge!

RainSmart Resources

The Weather Channel interview on how to prevent backyard flooding