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RainSmart: 1,000 Rain Gardens for the Rouge

Restoring your river, one yard at a time.

Flooded basements, flooded streets, and dirty creeks share a common cause, and that’s too much dirty water runoff during big storms. Time do your part—time to get RainSmart!

Rain Barrels
for the Rouge!

Rain Gardens
for the Rouge!

With over 1.35 million people living in the lands that drain to the Rouge, 1,000 rain gardens and 6,000 rain barrels are big but doable short-term goals for Rouge River restoration. Get started by taking the RainSmart Challenge!

Are you RainSmart?

Take the RainSmart challenge and win prizes!

Take the RainSmart Challenge!

Get Your Lawn a Job!

Sure, your lawn looks great, but… let’s be honest. It takes a lot of work. Your work. Isn’t it time your lawn started pulling its...
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RainSmart Makeover

To help you get RainSmart, Friends of the Rouge is pleased to offer up to 12 RainSmart Makeovers: a 50% cost-share rain garden installation for...
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Become a Master Rain Gardener

2019 Master Rain Gardener Official Course Countdown! Winter 2019 Course Details: Saturday mornings, 9:30 a.m.–12:30 p.m. Dates: Five Saturdays, February 2nd through March 2nd Location: Friends of...
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Rain Gardens to the Rescue

Rain Gardens to the Rescue Program Partners: Sierra Club Great Lakes, Great Communities Funded by: The Fred A and Barbara M Erb Family Foundation Detroit residents...
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Build a Rain Garden

What’s a rain garden? It’s a garden with a job. A rain garden has a job to do—controlling puddles and keeping basements dry by soaking...
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DIY Rain Garden Guidance

Below you’ll find three step-by-step design manuals for Michigan Rain Gardens. Each takes a different approach. Pick the one that best serves your needs. Look...
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Plants for Rain Gardens

Friends of the Rouge recommends native species for rain gardens and ornamental landscapes. Native plants tend to perform best in rain gardens, and have been...
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