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Rescue the Rouge! Calling All Volunteers!

Rescue the Rouge! Calling All Volunteers!

Rouge Rescue is coming up on May 19 with some sites holding their events earlier in the spring. Some sites may need volunteers to bring gardening tools. Check out the list and sign up for a site in your community today. Come be a part of this fun community clean up event!

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St. Valentine's day event 39

Student scientists monitor river health

Student scientists monitor river health

Beginning April 24 and continuing through May 23, 31 schools throughout southeast Michigan will take an annual field trip to a site along the banks of the Rouge River to report back to FOTR on its health. They study water chemistry, the “bugs” living at the bottom of the river, and physical characteristics.

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Plymouth Arts & Recreation Complex

FOTR Relocates to PARC in September 2018

FOTR Relocates to PARC in September 2018

For 32 years, the Friends of the Rouge have provided the greater Rouge River watershed community with services that enhance the quality of life for people in the region. Needing more operating space, we’ve chosen Plymouth Arts and Recreation Complex in downtown Plymouth as our new home.

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FOTR Happenings

Rouge Rescue

Saturday, May 19, 2018 Each spring Friends of the Rouge, in partnership with Rouge communities, brings volunteers together from across the watershed to work toward...
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2018 Rouge Cruise

Set sail with Friends of the Rouge for our 10th annual ROUGE CRUISE Tuesday, August 7, 2018 from 6:00 to 8:30pm Boarding starts at 5:45pm at...
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Friends of the Rouge


Friends of the Rouge

A few photos from the group working in SW Detroit in Oakwood Heights today. Great job! ... See MoreSee Less

A few photos from the group working in SW Detroit in Oakwood Heights today.  Great job!Image attachment


Friends of the Rouge

Had over 300 people out in Rouge Park today, cleaning up trash, removing invasives, creating a rain garden, etc. Thank you to all volunteers! ... See MoreSee Less


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That’s awesome! We had 16 people at Newburgh Lake. Only our second year.

Great job!

Congratulations 🎉🍾🎊🎈


Friends of the Rouge

Working hard in and around the Rouge today! ... See MoreSee Less

Working hard in and around the Rouge today!Image attachmentImage attachment


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Reminder of why we do this!

Opened 2 log jams. Pulled out lots of trash. Feeling high. Dearborn

Thank you to Friends of the Rouge River and all the volunteers!

Nice job


Thank you!!

Nice job

Just north of andiamo lots more work left

What a great day!!!

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rouge rescue

Our Services

Friends of the Rouge in ACTION

Rouge Rescue

Rouge Education Project

River Restoration

River Monitoring

Rouge River Water Trail

Our annual river clean up

Starting in 1986, volunteers removed large quantities of trash from the river. As sites improved, public perception shifted from the river as an open sewer and a place to dump trash to its restoration, including invasive plants removal, installation of native plantings, and stabilization of stream banks.

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School-based environmental education

We involve elementary, middle, and high schools from across southeastern Michigan. Students learn about the Rouge River in class, and then perform hands-on scientific exploration of the river on a field trip to its banks. They are encouraged to take action to restore and protect the river.

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How we care for the land

How we care for the land impacts water quality in our local lakes and rivers. The River Restoration program teaches residents of the watershed how to manage their land to improve water quality and to provide wildlife habitat through hands-on projects and educational events.

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Residents become citizen scientists

This program engages residents to become citizen scientists, collecting data about the health of the watershed through biological indicator species (bugs, frogs, fish, etc.) that reflect the long-term health of the watershed. As water quality improves, bugs frogs and fish are returning.

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Along 25 miles of the Lower Rouge

FOTR is currently working with local partners to develop a water trail on 25 miles of the Lower Rouge from Canton to the Detroit River. Much of the river corridor is protected within Wayne County Parks, making it ideal for the development of launches and amenities.

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Volunteer to Make a Difference

Friends of the Rouge began as a volunteer organization, so volunteerism sits at the core of mission to serve the Rouge River watershed.

Become a Member

Be part of the legacy. Support the vital work we do by helping us meet critical milestones for programs that make a lasting impact of the Rouge River watershed’s health.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Get involved! Support our diverse programs through sponsorships that have the power to make real and lasting change for the health of the Rouge River watershed!

Networking to Build Community

Our community stakeholders, partners, and alliances make our watershed healthier! Thank you to all who make a difference by caring about the Rouge River.

Financial Transparency

We adhere to all federal and state regulations, produce annual financial audits, submit all reporting documents in a timely manner with clear accounting methods and record keeping.


Curious about something in the Rouge? We may already have an answer to commonly asked questions regarding our organization or the watershed. Check out our FAQs HERE.

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