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Getting Rain Barrels to Residents

Last Friday, we held our Rain Barrel Happy Hour Workshop, getting drinks for lawns and gardens across Detroit with free rainwater.  We thank all those who were able to attend the workshop to build a rain barrel, Keep Growing Detroit and Detroit Future City of excellent residential resources, River Network for the convertor kits, McClure’s for the barrels to upcycle, and Yvonne Willis for hosting us at her business!  In total, 100 barrels will be installed across the city and manage 5,500 gallons of water every time it rains! 

Not only do Detroiters receive all the stormwater from communities upstream, they also have a combined sewer system, collecting water from inside homes and buildings, roofs, parking lots and roads into the same pipe, that overflows partially treated wastewater directly in the Rouge and Detroit Rivers during heavy rainfall which is bad for our river’s health.  That’s why it’s so important for residents to manage stormwater on their property to help prevent flooding and pollutants going into our rivers- but EVERYONE across the watershed can install a rain barrel to help the Rouge!  

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