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June 2021 Rouge flooding

How Flooding in the Rouge Watershed is an Environmental / Public Health Threat

On June 25th of this year, the Metro Detroit area experienced a severe rain event that left many homes, parks, streets, and expressways flooded. During that single day, parts of the Detroit area received six inches of rain, and the downpour overwhelmed municipal “combined sewer overflow” systems in many communities. During heavy storms, such systems (which combine storm water runoff with local sanitary systems) can lead to release of untreated sewage directly into the river. Additionally, rapid flooding causes erosion of river and stream banks and damages local river ecosystems. In the accompanying article, Sally Petrella (FOTR Monitoring Manager) and Mary Bohling (MSU Extension Educator) spoke with WXYZ News regarding the Metro area’s failing sewer infrastructure and the types of damage created by severe rains.