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Take the RainSmart Challenge!

Raining? Grab Your Umbrella, Get Outside, and Get RainSmart!

Are you the kind of person who loves adventure, getting outside and playing in the rain? Well here’s your excuse to indulge your inner child and learn a little something about your home and yard. Next time it rains, grab your umbrella and galoshes, and roam your lawn and landscape to see what you discover! To take the RainSmart Challenge we want you to follow the raindrops after they hit your roof. Where does it go as it runs off the roof and into your yard?

After you get outside and play in the rain we want to hear from you! Tell us that you did it and what you saw and learned about how rain drops fall on, and flow off, of your home and yard. Get entered to win prizes!

2019 RainSmart Challenge Prizes!

Prizes Available in 2019

Prizes will be randomly awarded to participants. Winners to be announced at 2020 FOTR annual meeting.

Rewards for ALL Who Step Up to the Challenge

10% off the RainSmart Coach

20% off design services and winter invasive species control with Natural Community Services

Past Prizes Winners

Press here to see a list of prize winners from prior years

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