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Redford Rain Garden Team

Redford Rain Gardens Completed

With funding from the city and the dedicated work of dozens of volunteers, Redford Township now has three (3) new rain gardens! Take a trip down Beech Daly to see the care and love put into these gardens:

  1. Claude Allison Park (near the tennis courts): Each concentric ring of the garden contains a different plant rising up to meet you and become fresh habitat for all sorts of critters. 
  2. Lola Dr. and Beech Daly Rd: Despite being the smallest garden it has a lot of character in the plants that live there providing tons of flowers for pollinators like blue lobelia, horsemint and purple coneflower.
  3. Redford Water Department: The garden space is long with a planting design focused on a red twig dogwood with radiating stripes of butterfly weed, blue indigo, and asters.