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So Many Ways to Rescue the Rouge

Volunteer today and Keep a Fish Alive!

This is YOUR chance to keep a fish alive! By volunteering your time for one of our many restoration activities, you can help keep our fish – and our birds, bees, butterflies, frogs, toads, and turtles – alive.

Throughout the spring, summer, and fall, we are sponsoring fantastic restoration activities to help restore and protect the Rouge River. There is something for every interest and skill level.

If you want to help create natural habitats, cool down urban temperatures, reduce flooding, clean-up some pollution or protect our remaining native areas, we have a project for you!
We will be leading projects to plant native trees along the river, plant urban trees, create rain and pollinator gardens, clean-up litter and remove invasive species.

No experience is needed. Work side-by-side with our staff on exciting, hands-on projects. We supply the tools, the materials and the know-how, while you supply the fun and enthusiasm.  So, stay tuned, and check often. All new projects will be posted below. Explore the events, find your passion, and sign up!

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Floodplain Tree Planting
Rain & Pollinator Garden Planting
Clean-ups & Invasive Species Removals