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100 Trees for Dearborn’s South End

100 trees are available to be planted in front yards for residents of Dearborn’s South End community, thanks to the generous support of Cleveland-Cliffs and the City of Dearborn.

Learn More

To learn more about the effort, check out the 3 minute introduction video below (or press this link).

Town Hall Recording

For a 15 minute overview on the benefits of trees, avoiding common problems, and keeping trees alive, watch the recording of the Tree Town Hall below (or press here).

Tree Species

See far below for tree lists. Trees will be selected for survival and pollution management. Due to site constraints, most residents will likely receive a Redbud or Flowering Cherry.

Press Here to Apply for your Tree (SOUTH END RESIDENTS ONLY)



Tree Species

Press here to open a list of species that were available in 2020. Presumably 2021 availability will be similar.

From the 2020 list, partners will evaluate your easement width and whether your easement has overhead power lines. Since most homes have narrow easements, from the linked list above most people will receive small trees / large shrubs, like redbud or flowering cherry.

For those whose easements can support larger trees, partners will select a subset of trees that are likely to provide the best pollution management (based on data available from iTree). From the 2020 list, those trees include:

  • Columnar Hornbeam Tree
  • Copper Beech
  • European Beech
  • Hackberry
  • Zelkova

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