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Volunteer Sign-Up for Native Plant & Rain Barrel Event 8/28

Thank you for your interest in volunteering! Your efforts as a volunteer at the Native Plant and Rain Barrel Pick-Up Event are critical to maintaining an open pipeline of low-cost conservation supplies into southeast Michigan, with subsidies and scholarships to ensure everyone can afford to do right at their homes regardless of income level. Your efforts work our region towards the 2025 goals for 1,000 rain gardens, 1,000 habitat gardens, and 6,000 rain barrels. To learn more about the event, visit here: https://therouge.org/saturday-plant-sale-in-livonia/

To be a good fit as a volunteer, you must be able to lift and move the 18lb rain barrels AND enjoy bringing people joy by connecting them with their plants and rain barrels!

If you placed an order through the sale, in thanks for your support, you’ll receive a 20% reimbursement on your order (maximum $20 per shift below, or $40 if you take on both shifts!) after the event is over, or during the event for same-day plant purchases.

Sign Up to Volunteer!