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Log Jam Day 072421 featured image

Woody Debris Workday – Saturday, July 24

Friends of the Rouge sends a huge thanks to its Woody Debris Warriors! A small team of volunteers committed to establishing the Lower Rouge Water Trail worked to open logjams on the Lower Rouge River. The crew worked a site at the fishway access bridge on the Rouge Gateway Greenway where recent storms sent piles of wood and trash that coalesced just past the bridge. Litter and debris were bagged up and large floating wood was pulled out and stacked out of the floodplain for bug and wildlife habitat.

Log Jam Day 072421 volunteers among large logs in the jam

“A lot goes into establishing a water trail. It’s more than putting a boat and paddles in the water, especially on a waterway like the Rouge,” said Herman Jenkins, Friends of the Rouge Trails Manager. “Wood falling into the water and creating log jams will always be a challenge for us,  We are truly grateful to our volunteers who do this tough, hard work.”

The workday was rescheduled from July 17, because of heavy rains,  but this valiant work crew wouldn’t be denied.  All volunteers were entered into a free raffle for prizes that included a $50 cash prize, a Rouge paddle trip for 2, and a Rouge Water Trail poster. The river turned up a few prizes of its own when the work crew found a soccer ball and a giant Mutant Ninja Turtle!

Hope to see you at the next Woody Debris Workday!

Here are a few photos to enjoy.