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Volunteers doing Fish Monitoring on the Rouge

Fish Monitoring

The last extensive fish survey of the Rouge River was completed by the Michigan DNR in 1995 and published in 1998 (Rouge River Assessment).  Water quality has improved since that time. The Michigan DEQ conducts limited fish monitoring in the Rouge every five years and the DNR conducts occasional targeted studies. We have a list of some species with photos (scroll down). Here is a map of all sites.

In 2012, Robert Muller began working with FOTR staff and volunteers to conduct fish surveys in the Rouge River. The work began as an internship and continues today and is providing some of the most up-to-date data on Rouge fish communities.

Surveys & Reports

2018 Rouge River Fish Survey Report

2017-18 Rouge River Fish Survey Reports


FOTR RECRUITS VOLUNTEERS to assist with surveys in spring, summer and fall.

Fish survey events HERE.

Species of Fish Found in the Rouge River

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