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Art Murals on the Gordie Howard International Bridge - American Side

Gordie Howe International Bridge Murals

The newest gem on the Lower Rouge Water Trail is seen when entering the Detroit River from the mouth of the Rouge. The twin bridge murals can be seen on the footings of the Gordie Howe International Bridge, under construction.

“As the towers for the new Gordie Howe International Bridge rise from the ground, murals that share the history of the lands on which the bridge is being constructed, and tell a few of the many stories about the culture and diversity of the region. will be on display.

“Four artists from Walpole Island First Nation and Caldwell First Nation were selected to create murals for display at the Canadian bridge site as part of the project Community Benefits Plan, which identifies opportunities for Indigenous Peoples in Canada.”

News article on the Gordie Howe International Bridge Art Murals HERE.

The Lower Rouge Water Trail will grow to tell more of the river’s story as the trail develops, more sections are opened, new launches installed, and signage added.

Friends of the Rouge, Wayne County Parks, the eleven communities along the route, and other partners are developing a water trail from Canton to the Detroit River along the Lower branch and Main Stem of the Rouge River. The upstream stretches are forested and protected within Wayne County parkland. Fallen trees are abundant but hard-working teams of volunteers have opened routes in the City of Wayne and in Dearborn. The lower industrial stretch is wide open and offers fantastic views of the Ford Rouge plant and associated industry.