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Midland Chorus Frog

Midland chorus frogs (formerly western chorus frog) are tiny frogs (0.75 – 1.5 in. long) found in open shallow vernal ponds. They can be distinguished from the northern spring peeper (our other very small frog) by the parallel stripes than run down the back.

They are the earliest species to begin calling in spring in Michigan and often are heard in March. They and call more vigorously during the day than at night. The call of the midland chorus frog is a short, rising trill that has been likened to the sound made when one runs their thumb down a stiff pocket comb.

Formerly called western chorus frog, the midland chorus frog range includes all of lower Michigan (and perhaps a few sites in the eastern UP), Indiana, extreme southern Illinois, all of Ohio, western Kentucky, western Pennsylvania, extreme western New York, and southern Ontario.