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Hepatica flowers - Public Domain

Explore Rouge Watershed Flora

Learn about the many types of native flowers, vines, shrubs, and trees that grow in the Rouge River watershed. Also, read about invasive plant species that have settled into the watershed and find ideas on controlling them.


Cattails in Winter

FLORA FEATURE – Standing Tall in the Winter Ice

GET TO KNOW –Cattails Along the edge...
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Winter goldfinch on sunflower - public domain

FLORA FEATURE: Celebrating a New Year in the Winter Garden

American goldfinch on a snow covered sunflower...
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Staghorn sumac fruits feed a bludbird in winter

FLORA FEATURE: Wintertime Sustenance for Wildlife

GET TO KNOWMichigan Native Sumac Shrubs Sumac...
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Sugar Maple colors in fall

FLORA FEATURE – Autumn Glory

Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum) – photo: David...
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Trees on Main Street Plymouth

FLORA FEATURE – The Street Life

Trees on Main Street in Plymouth –...
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Native Plant border at Chicago Botanical Garden

FLORA FEATURE – Replacing the Turf

GET TO KNOW: Michigan Native Grasses In...
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Swainson's thrush in spicebush

FLORA FEATURE – Life in the Shrub Lane

GET TO KNOW Our native shrubs Two...
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European Frogbit (hydrocharis) Jermey Halls - CC-BY-SA-2.0)

FLORA FEATURE – A Great Lakes Hitchhiker

GET TO KNOW European frog-bit European (or...
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Garlic Mustard flower, leaves, tall plants

FLORA FEATURE – The Importance of Place

GET TO KNOW Garlic Mustard In its...
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American pussy willow branch

FLORA FEATURE – All-Star Host for Pollinators

GET TO KNOW American Pussy Willow The...
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Spring ephemeral flowers - by Deb Nystorm CC-BY-2.0

FLORA FEATURE – Fleeting Flowers in the Woods

GET TO KNOW Spring Ephemerals In early...
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Winterberry shrub by David Guthrie CC-BY-SA-2.0

FLORA FEATURE – A Wintertime Bounty for Birds

Winterberry One of the prettiest plants in...
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Keep Butterflies in Mind When Planning Your Garden

For most gardeners, each year’s garden is...
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