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White Snow, Green Leaves: Identify Your Invasive Shrubs

At your home, the ground may still be white from the snow, but the leaves are green on most invasive shrubs.

Now is the perfect time to get outside to identify and learn about invasive shrubs in your backyard. Habitat for butterflies and other pollinators typically begins with native plants, especially native shrubs and trees. However, in most yards, invasive plants like buckthorn and honeysuckle (plus way too much lawn) replaced the key native plants that used to support bees, birds, and butterflies.  Press here to learn more about invasive plants.

So get outside! Take a close look at any of your shrubs that still have green leaves. Check them against the invasive plant guidebook below, or take a look at the DNR’s website, which includes excellent advice geared for professionals about how to control tough woody invasive plants. Fall and winter are typically the perfect time to control most tough woody invasive plants.

But don’t stop there! Don’t just remove those invasive plants. Make a plan to reduce your lawn size and replace invasive plants with an attractive diversity of native plants. Make sure it looks great, so you can convince your neigbors to join your efforts. If you need help, press here to find out how you can bring an expert from Friends of the Rouge out to your yard to help you make a plan.

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