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SM Crescent 13 - children and chaperones learn at the river

Rouge Education Project

The Rouge Education Project (REP) is school-based environmental education program involving elementary, middle, and high schools from across southeastern Michigan. Students learn about the Rouge River in their classroom, and then perform hands-on scientific exploration of the river on a field trip to its banks. They assess chemical, biological, and physical parameters of water quality to determine overall stream health, and report their results to Friends of the Rouge. Students are further encouraged to take action to restore and protect the river based on their results.

Our mission:

Steppingstone Shiawassee - workers in the riverPromote awareness and stewardship of the Rouge River watershed through school-based water quality monitoring, investigation, and problem-solving.

Our primary goals are to:

(1) Provide opportunities for schools to engage students in hands-on, real-world science, through water quality monitoring of the Rouge River
(2) Increase participants’ awareness of the Rouge River watershed by showing them how they impact the river, and how its health impacts them
(3) Empower participants to apply knowledge and awareness gained through the Rouge Education Project to identify and address environmental issues in the Rouge River watershed and beyond.

The REP is coordinated and facilitated by Friends of the Rouge, who trains K-12 teachers how to monitor surface water quality through a series of workshops. Resources are provided to help them plan the Rouge River watershed unit and field trip in their classroom(s), along with monitoring equipment [with the availability of funding]. Friends of the Rouge also trains volunteers, our REP assistants, and pairs them with each classroom to assist during their field trip to the river.

In addition to Friends of the Rouge staff, guidance and support for the program comes from the REP Committee, which is a committee of the Friends of the Rouge Board of Directors.

2018-2019 Rouge Education Project Schools

Fall Monitoring 2018

9 Schools

Birmingham Covington School, Bloomfield Hills
Chandler Park Academy High School, Harper Woods
Crestwood High School, Dearborn Heights
Inter-City Baptist School, Allen Park
Power Middle School, Farmington Hills
Steppingstone School, Farmington Hills
Thurston High School, Redford
Tonda Elementary School, Canton
Troy High School, Troy

Spring Monitoring 2019

26 Schools

Academy of the Americas High School, Detroit
Achieve Charter Academy, Canton
Chandler Park Academy High School, Harper Woods
Clippert Multicultural Honors Academy, Detroit
Crescent Academy International, Canton
Crestwood High School, Dearborn Heights
Detroit Country Day Middle School, Beverly Hills
Farmington STEAM Academy, Farmington Hills*
Fordson High School, Dearborn*
Garden City High School, Garden City
Hamtramck High School, Hamtramck*
Huron Valley Lutheran High School, Westland
Lincoln Park High School, Lincoln Park*
Lincoln Senior High School, Warren
MacArthur K-8 University Academy, Lathrup Village
O.L. Smith Middle School, Dearborn*
Pierce Middle School, Redford
Plymouth High School, Canton
Ronald Brown Academy, Detroit
Roosevelt High School, Wyandotte
Salem Elementary School, Salem Twp
Steppingstone School, Farmington Hills
Tawheed Center School, Dearborn Heights
Thurston High School, Redford
Troy College & Career High School, Troy
Troy High School, Troy
*new school

drawing image

REP Artwork Contest

ATTENTION STUDENTS: Showcase your artistic ability! Rouge River Artwork Contest Contest begins December 6, 2019. Entry deadline is January 17,...
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Isabella Cook's trading card posters

REP Artwork Contest Results

Every year we hold a student-designed artwork contest based on a theme. Winners are featured on posters distributed to each...
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REP Student Surveys

TEACHERS: Please have your students click on the appropriate link and complete the PRE- sampling survey before you begin your...
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REP Training Workshops

All teachers and volunteers are encouraged to attend the Friends of the Rouge Bug Hunts in addition to the workshops...
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REP Committee Members

The Rouge Education Project (REP) is guided and supported by a committee that meets periodically throughout the school year to...
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REP Monitoring Parameters

The REP assesses surface water quality in three main categories: chemical, biological, and physical.  Examples of what students monitor are...
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Volunteer group walking in the woods, crossing a footbridge along the river

REP Monitoring Data Archive

A note about our results: The raw data archive (linked below) includes three tabs: chemical, biological, and physical. Chemical: Any...
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Workshop being taught in a classroom

REP Assistants Needed

REP Assistants are volunteers who assist a teacher participating in the Rouge Education Project by working in the classroom and...
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New teacher orientation class

REP Info for Schools

If you are a teacher interested in learning more about joining the Rouge Education Project, please fill out this form....
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