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CANCELLED-Weed Mat Installation: 10/19/2022 (Wed am)

Date(s) - 10/19/22
9am - 12pm

Inkster Park (follow the road behind Parks building))



Site Coordinator: Renato Marimón, Restoration Assistant, Friends of the Rouge

Project description: In spring, we started a huge reforestation project by planting more than 9,000 tree saplings along the Lower Rouge River floodplain in 50 acres of forested and open land areas to help restore and improve the health of the Rouge River Watershed. Now it is time to help protect those saplings by installing weed mats. Working together, we will be installing 5,500 weed mats,

The weed mats (3ft x 3ft each) will help retain ground moisture and help prevent aggressive weeds from overtaking the saplings. Please note: The difficulty of the work depends on the density of competing vegetation growing around each tree. FOTR staff will help to clean some of the competing vegetation using equipment. Volunteers will use knives and saws to clean some vegetation. Therefore this activity is for adults / older teens only (16 years and up).

Workday location:  Please note: All worksites will be along the Lower Rouge River. However, specific worksite locations will vary from day to day and may change. Volunteers will receive email and email with specific directions a few days prior to each workday.

This event is currently scheduled for Inkster Park  along the Lower Rouge Parkway Drive.

The worksite location is along Lower Rouge Parkway Drive on the east side of Inkster Road. Volunteers should enter the drive behind the Wayne County Parks building at 2100 Inkster road and park along the side of Lower Rouge Parkway drive near the Friends of the Rouge truck and trailer.  See map

Questions? Contact the site coordinator at rmarimon@therouge.org