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Volunteer for Rouge Rescue

Be A Part of Helping Your River Community!

You can be part of Rouge Rescue, no matter your ability level or interest. Explore the options below to find out how you best fit in.

Site Coordinator

The leader of a Rouge Rescue site
If you would like to be a site coordinator for Rouge Rescue 2021, please see our site coordinator checklist and complete our site registration form and subsequent supply request forms by March 5th. For more information or if you are interested in leading a site in 2022, please see our Site Coordinator page and email Jackie

Site Registration Aid

A smiling face to greet and help volunteers
Make sure that all volunteers sign in on the registration sheet and that they write clearly and legibly. It may also be your job to know where volunteers can get water, where nearby restrooms are, and where your site’s first aid kit is located. Coordinators may also ask you to help pass out supplies to volunteers. This does not exclude you from participating with other activities at the site if you so choose.

Site Photographer

A picture is worth a thousand words, and we need your help capturing Rouge Rescue! You are tasked with getting photos and videos of the work being done during this event to share with Friends of the Rouge. This media is critical is showing funders, sponsors and communities all the great work our volunteers are doing to improve the Rouge River. This does not exclude you from participating with other activities at the site if you so choose. Always ask permission before photographing people especially minors (note: the sign in sheet does include a photograph waiver to use photos taken at event).

Hands On Volunteer

Get hands on with improving the Rouge River
Be one of many volunteers at a growing number of sites to help restore the Rouge watershed in your community. Go to our Rouge Rescue Events page to find an event near you. Sturdy closed toe shoes, clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, and a reusable water bottle are recommended.