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Rouge Rescue Site Coordinator at Beech Woods

Rouge Rescue Site Coordinator Information

Important 2019 Dates and Deadlines

Thursday, February 21: Coordinator Kick-off Meeting 9-11am
Friday, March 29: Deadline to Register Site and Equipment Order Forms Due
Tuesday, May 14 – Thursday, May 16: Pick Up Supplies
Saturday, May 18: Rouge Rescue 2019 Main Work Day
Tuesday, June 6: Coordinator Wrap-up Meeting 9-11am
Friday, June 7
: Forms and Equipment Due

Rouge Rescue Information

Invasive Species Resources

The big four Rouge Rescue invasive plants are Garlic Mustard, Buckthorn, Dames Rocket, and Honeysuckle.
Click on each species to learn more or see an overview of invasive plants in the Rouge watershed here.

Woody Debris Management

Downloadable/ Printable Files and Forms

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