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Three people working at the edge of the river

Protecting the Rouge River at Home

Water Conservation

Household water conservation, particularly during times of rain or snow melt, reduces risks of…

Pipe discharge

Combined sewer overflow (CSO) discharging raw sewage

CSO event

CSO events impacting the Rouge, the Detroit River, and Lake Erie (photo from Milwaukee Harbor, Lake Michigan)

sewer backup

Basement sewer backup

When it rains, think twice about doing the laundry or taking a shower.  Holding off for even a few hours helps keep sewage out of the Rouge and out of your basement.


In and Around the Home

home water use

Minimize indoor water use during wet weather

Don't flush pills

Properly dispose of household hazardous waste and medications

Car Care

oil stain

Keep vehicles maintained so they don’t leak oil or other fluids (CC BY 2.0) Christopher Sessums

wash car on lawn

Wash your car on the lawn or at a commercial car wash